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Address 〒036-8182 Hirosaki Dotemachi 139
TEL 0172-34-2657 FAX 0172-34-2714
E-mail info@hiroyado.com
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 on weekdays
* Closed on weekends and holidays.

Basic policy

Aware of the social mission of improving the Ryokan & Hotel industry, this association and its members always aim progress in economic status.


1970 September :The following three associations merged to a united front as Hirosaki Ryokan Association with Sakichi Takeuchi as first chairman and Fujita Toyoko and Shizue Narita as office staff:

Tourism Hirosaki Hotel Business Organization with chairman Sakichi Takeuchi, Hirosaki Hotel Business Organization with chairman Sugihara Yutaka, Hirosaki Ryokan Association with chairman Fukushima Syoichi

1974 October: Inauguration of Sakichi Takeuchi as chairman of Hirosaki Hotel group

1975 October:Sakichi Takeuchi receives award by prefectural governor

1977 October:Opening of Asunaro National Athletic Meet Having prepared successfully the perfection of many accommodations for this for 1 year, the association received awards from the prefectural governor and authorities of Hirosaki

1978 May : Inauguration of Sakichi Takeuchi as board chairman of Aomori Hotel Environmental Hygiene Association

1980 March:Ceremony of 10 years since affiliation and foundation

1982 March:Resignation of chairman Sakichi Takeuchi

1982 May:Inauguration of Kaisaku Anpo as the association’s chairman at the regular general meeting 1983

1990 January:Ceremony of 20 years since foundation

1990 November:Kaisaku Anpo receives award by the prefectural governor

1990 May:Receiving Silver 卍 Award by the prefectural governor

1991 May:Inauguration of Sakae Kudo as the association’s chairman

1992 May:Equipping the city’s tourism hall with hotel vacancy checking system

1993 May:Renaming to “Hirosaki Hotel Association” at regular general meeting 1992

1995 May :Ceremony of 25 years since foundation

2001 April:Inauguration of Sakae Kudo as honored chairman of the association and Tadashi Namigishi as the association’s chairman

2004 March:Relocation to Hirosaki Tourist Convention Organization

2007 May:Moving to the current location of Association of Shuhan

2007 March:Inauguration of Fukushi Keisuke as the association’s chairman at the regular general meeting 2007

2010 March:Relocation to Dotemachi