Privacy Policy

Hirosaki Ryokan & Hotel Association (hereinafter referred to as „this association“, “we”) establishes stipulations pertaining to the handling of private information, based upon the laws and guidelines regarding private information protection, as following:


This association will acknowledge the importance of private information and handle them with care, at the same time, we will protect the private information of our customers to improve our products and services while promoting the following main points with full responsibility.


  • In case of collecting information from our customers, we will make the purpose of usage clear and with acceptance we will only collect the information that is necessary to achieve the mentioned purpose.
  • In case of using private information of our customers, we will only use them in the necessary extent to achieve the purpose and will not use it for any other purpose than that. Furthermore, we will use information of letters, packages and mails, information about services and of surveys to reply our customers, but on request of the customer we will immediately cancel this action.
  • In case of using private information of our customers, we might entrust information to a third party to a necessary extend. This third party will control the private information strictly and securely.
  • This association will not entrust or display private information to a third party without consent of the customer, except in cases based on laws or regulations.
  • Regarding the private information this association is being entrusted with; if the customer needs to recheck or change the private information, we will have to confirm the identity of the customer but will response prompt. However, if there is a demand of display by a formal and legal institution, we might display it to a person other than the customer himself.